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“One of the first ideas to embrace as a leader is the fact that somewhere in the company, tens of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars of profitability is locked up needlessly through inefficient or out-dated processes or blind spots to opportunities.”

-Scott McClymonds

Many businesses are unable to figure out the best and most effective way of cost cutting. 90% of businesses can’t even recognise this spot for any scope of improvement. According to a study an average business spends at least 30% of its profits on electricity bills, imagine getting this cost down to almost 2%.

The government annually increases the cost of per unit electricity to encourage people to use more renewable resources of energy. But these resources are so unreliable and incompetent they contribute to just 7% of energy production e.g. installing 100kW of solar gives a minimal of 20 kW.

This means to suffice the need of electricity we need almost three times of solar installed as compared to the power demand of our application. This scenario, keeping in mind the continuous power shortages, has led to a huge gap in the industry without any concrete progress towards betterment of neither efficiency nor cost, leaving Indians in an ongoing energy crisis.

Electricity consumption in todays world is reaching heights, according to a report by the United States Energy Information Administration, by 2040, developing countries around the world will account for 65 percent of the world’s energy consumption.

The energy and electricity growth in a country is closely linked to growth in economy. Taking India as an example of a developing country, India’s electricity consumption based on data from utilities is given as 1,352 TWh or 1,075.64 kWh per capita during the fiscal year of 2015-2016, India is the world's third largest producer and fourth largest consumer of electricity, out of which 10.63% of energy is wasted for just hospital applications.

At I-Gro, we help businesses improve their bottom line, without selling a single product. We help businesses recognise this soft spot of high expenditures on electricity bills and obtain best solutions for a minimum cost on electricity. The 30% of profit spent of electricity of an average business when comes down to 2% gives a net gross profit of 28% annually, by giving them best energy solutions that not only are pollution free and save the planet but also save a fortune.

Up till now only power grid electricity was considered to be the most reliable source of energy that comes 80% from coal, while all other renewable sources are very less efficient or reliable, the governments keeps increasing grid prices annually to encourage users to use more renewable source of energy. This gap between prices of non-renewable sources and efficiency of renewable sources is creating a huge gap that is creating energy crisis making India one of the costliest power suppliers in the world.

A one-stop solution to all these problems is achieved by INCITE - a state of art technology that incorporates different sources of energy, it is based around the concept of a basic fuel cell. The basic concept of a fuel cell is very simple. It is an electrochemical conversion device that has a continuous supply of fuel such as hydrogen, natural gas or methanol and an oxidant such as oxygen, air or hydrogen peroxide. Auxiliary parts of the cell is a component with electrolyte and a catalyst to fuel the reaction hydrogen of the anode then meets the oxygen part of the cell to combine to form water, this process is an exothermic reaction and produces electricity electrochemically without the limitation of the Carnot cycle. Fuel cells offer the cleanest power generation possible.

It is so efficient it needs as little as 1.3L/min of hydrogen to make an application independent of the grid with 100% reliability and half the cost compared to any other renewable source. It not only solves the problem of high-energy demands, peak demands and cuts down the price of installation by half but also emits zero greenhouse gases and is completely silent. Most importantly it was found to have a cycle life of at least 10 years.

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