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Green Energy with
more than 80% efficiency

ZERO electricity bill
+ cost effective

Patented state of
art technology

Self diagnostics software

about the company

At I-GRO, we help businesses improve their bottom line, without selling a single product. We help businesses recognize this soft spot of high expenditures on electricity bills and obtain the best solutions for a minimum electricity cost.

The 30% of profit spent of electricity of an average business when comes down to 2% gives a net gross profit of 28% annually, by giving them best energy solutions that not only are pollution free and save the planet but also save a fortune.

Is It just Enough
for a resource
to be green?

INCITE is a patented state of art technology based on the concept of a Fuel Cell. A fuel cell is a device that uses hydrogen and oxygen to form water this reaction gives out immense amount of energy that is used to power huge applications, INCITE comes with three alternatives inside the product:

  • 1. Hydrogen powered fuel cell
  • 2. Dry Natural Gas powered Fuel Cell
  • 3. Backup generator
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I-GRO Team

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Director (Sales & Marketing)

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Chief Engineer

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Legal Advisor