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According to a study an average business spends at least 30% of its profits on electricity bills, imagine getting this cost down to almost 2%. At I-Gro, we help businesses improve their bottom line, without selling a single product. The best energy solutions not only are pollution free and save the planet but also save a fortune. And we stand solely by our product INCITE, to get you at least 20% profit within 2 yrs*.

Revolutionary Features

Green Energy
with >80% efficiency

ZERO electricity bill +
Cost effective (costs 50% less than any other source)


Self diagnostics

What is Incite?

INCITE is a patented state of art technology based on the concept of a Fuel Cell. A fuel cell is a device that uses hydrogen and oxygen to form water this reaction gives out immense amount of energy that is used to power huge applications, INCITE comes with three alternatives inside the product:

  • 1. Hydrogen powered fuel cell
  • 2. Dry Natural Gas powered Fuel Cell
  • 3. Backup generator

Incite is designed in the perfect way to use either of the options when needed, e.g. for low power needs only 1 for high power needs all of the listed, also, if one equipment fails or runs out of fuel the other two can take care. Chances of failure are also minimal with INCITE’S unique monitoring system that monitors every component of the product and signals the manufacturer when a replace/ repair is needed. It also comes with its own fuel tank and a water management system for the water that is forced through the outlet. Its unique features not only include being a green source of energy with no pollution or noise, but it also costs nearly half the cost of any other green energy including installation and can guarantee to turn your next electricity bill to ZERO.

Comparing with Existing Techologies

Resource Source of Energy Space Efficiency Noise Cycles/Day (Same Capacity Product) Off/On GRD (High Power Demand) Reliability
Solar Sun Large 20-30% NO Half Day ON Low
Wind Wind Large 40-50% NO 15-16 Hr ON Med
Hydro Water Large 80% NO 6-7 Hr ON Med
Bio-Gas Biomass Med 50-80% NO Continuousd ON High
Fuel Cell Hydeogen Small 95-100% NO Continuousd OFF High

Extremely low efficiency

Very expensive for
(solar~$1520 per kW)

Not reliable
(additional battery/rotor/
electricity cost)


how do we get it?

We take all our products equally and work to get best results for the same from signing of agreement to maintenance stage, the projects aren’t time bound but we make sure of a deadline of 6 months. The different stages we focus on throughout the course of these 6 months are:


As soon as the client signs the deal with our team, we start designing a client specific product and procuring of materials. This stage generally involves finding the perfect solution for the client at the best possible quotation.


Stage 2 and the most important yet time consuming stage. This stage involves the set up of all equipment considering all natural and physical characteristics of the project.


To make sure of our products, we test them through various physical and electrical tests to ensure perfect condition and efficiency of the product, since all projects are different and have different requirements.

Commissioning and handing over

The final stage is the final handing over and won’t take place until the client is 100% satisfied with the testing stage.

The product is a 40 feet container with a combination of all possible renewable energies to make the application completely off-grid, i.e. the application doesn’t need any supply of electricity thereafter installation of the product. Taking an example of a hospital with the annual electricity bill being about 1.2 cr. A product is designed to cope up with all necessary power demands and surges of the application, which also remains under the budget for best return of investment a quote of 1.8cr, exclusive of 18% GST has already been quoted. The costing is divided equally upon 4 stages detailed in the work order.

  • Cost of product comes out approximately equal to annual electricity bill.
  • Power generation budget can be utilized for general development
  • No other investment (only annual maintenance)
  • 0 emission gives carbon credit which can be sold in return.

Every product has wear and tear, and needs regular attention to give full efficiency. The product being complex as well as new to market; we also propose an easy maintenance scheme. The monitors’ set up on every component along with the self-diagnostics software makes it easy for us to monitor the product and keep the client hassle-free.

Maintenance of the product is a percentage of the product price paid annually that is decided during the testing stage in accordance with the amount of electricity and surges the building experiences. It’s marginally lesser than the client’s initial annual electricity bill; the profit margin that is calculated by subtracting initial electricity cost with the annual maintenance is calculated to be a minimum of 35%. In accordance with the maximum percentage the present application is calculated as an example, the following graph explains the same in more detail.

The graph shows a clear breakeven in 2.18 yrs, AMC paid was INR.45,66,000 as compared to the initial cost of annual electricity of the application(1.2cr). The cost of maintenance is not a profitable income for us and is put completely to the use of the product. The annual maintenance includes all parameters from all fuel cost (diesel +PNG +hydrogen), replacement/repair of any faulty component, engine oil change with oil filter change and air filter adjustment as required, voltage and frequency check, automatic transfer switch function check, automatic transfer switch function with shutdown at owner request, checks for leaks and finally it also includes any computer upgrades as and when available.

It is a maintenance scheme for 10 yrs that renews for all our products automatically until further received notice. The site is visited monthly and the cost of AMC includes the cost of travel of staff as well as the cost of component, under no tampering conditions. If a similar AMC is needed after the 10-year tenure as provided in the current AMC scheme, a revised contract is essential. Not only is the current AMC a one solution to all your product problems it can also be claimed as your annual electricity bill to avail additional government schemes.